“Skin” is the name the game!

Photo by Rakicevic Nenad from PexelsWhen it comes to the skin care the rule of thumb in our household is “Keep it simple!” as many other things. This is especially important one, because with amount of products that is out there  is very easy to get “consumed”  “buy” it all! There is photo attached by everything that I use at the present moment.

1) Honest Cleanser with Sonicare Mia 2 brush

3 )Acure Organics Matifying Moisturizer + SPF 30 CC Cream

4)Physicians Formula Organic  Face Oil (Instead of Night Cream)

My personal journey towards better choices in skincare, food and lifestyle started in 2009. I think at the time I had an experience working for the Bare Essentials store during the holiday season, and after hearing the benefits and actually using mineral makeup, I started questioning everything that I was putting on my skin. I looked at the bottle of the lotion that I was using at the time and actually read the list of ingredients that was in it. I discovered the cocktail of the chemicals that goes into making lotions, body washes, shampoos, conditioners and make-up, it freaked me out enough that I started to look for alternatives.
At the time the market for the green products was scarce, so I stuck to using coconut oil for my skin instead of lotions and started SLOWLY switching cleaning products and laundry detergents. It took me a while to set my mind not to pay attention to marketing gimmicks and pretty packaging of the things that are so conveniently located in most of our supermarkets and malls. Truth be told I still prefer my own oil blends to any conventional lotion, but right now people can find pretty much everything they want in terms of safe alternatives to the skincare.
I am diligently reading the labels of everything that goes on my or my family’s bodies. My husband took a few years to get used to idea of organic skincare, but he still wants his Old Spice deodorant and regular fabric softener as well a can of Lysol under his sink! It’s all about healthy compromise when it comes to marriage. I will definitely talk about it in the later posts.
However, when it comes to our children the vetting process of potentially offensive products are more rigorous. The ONLY soap and shampoo I use is Blue Ruby Bunny, from the day our older son was born and still it is continued to be used. It is, in my opinion, the best Baby soap  that is on the market. I buy it in our local Whole Foods. It goes for $19.00 a bottle and it’s worth every penny because it lasts for a at least 4 to 6 months even with every day bathing. When it comes to lotion, for the most part I use some kind of the oils blend or homemade body butter, like almond and coconut with a few drops of camomile or lavender essential oil added. Occasionally, I use Andalu Organics lotion, but only occasionally!

Over the years I noticed an interesting thing, the less of the conventional chemicals I used, the harder it is become to go through the isles in stores with detergents and cleaning products.  I have to hold my breath just to pass them by.  My olfactory senses have taken protective reaction to a completely new level. It makes complete sense, I am sure the detox that my body went through was very deep.  If being a consumer means that we have a power and a vote, than I  have taking mine far-far away from all the downright nasty stuff that was marketed to us as a complete necessity .

I also learned to make my own mascara, love my skin with all its imperfections and use just enough pot rouge to make my checks a bit rosier.  I love eye shadows and lip products by 100%  Pure and Red Apple Lipstick companies, as well as Pacifica before they started adding preservatives in their stuff. That said, I have minimized my collection to the two regularly used pallets  and will continue reducing it, keeping just the basics because, as Amy Shumer said ” I feel pretty!'”

I absolutely love that market for the organic skin care keeps growing and there are more choices than it was before. It will make blue chip companies rethink the way the do business. However, I am sticking to the philosophy “Keep it simple!” and will be sharing some off the recipes I use in my next post!